All the way down to its final panda, Mexico ponders what may come subsequent

Xin Xin, the final big panda in Latin America, sits inside her enclosure on the Chapultepec Zoo, in Mexico Metropolis, Friday, November 11, 2022.
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Xin Xin, the final panda in Latin America, is just not your common bear. A local of Mexico, she’s the one remaining member of a diaspora descended from big pandas China gifted to international international locations in the course of the Seventies and Eighties.

Mexico’s Chapultepec Zoo is one among solely two zoos that homes pandas with out the direct supervision of the Chinese language authorities. That period might quickly finish after greater than 50 years as a result of Xin Xin, the granddaughter of pandas gifted by China, is childless, in menopause and, at 32, very outdated.

It might be the tip for pandas in Latin America altogether if Mexico’s authorities balks on the value of a brand new panda.

Xin Xin is a second-generation Mexican-born panda, tracing her lineage to Pe Pe and Ying Ying, who arrived to the zoo in 1975. They have been a part of China’s early “panda diplomacy,” a interval when the charismatic animals have been gifted to international locations all over the world. In 1984, China ended panda items, switching to a coverage of high-priced loans.

This historical past has made Mexico one of some international locations in a position to maintain regionally born panda cubs. Since 1985, the mortgage program has required that zoos return any cubs to China.

After Shuan Shuan’s dying, Mexican officers started talking with China’s ambassador. China now loans big pandas for between 10 and 15 years at a value of $1 million yearly, meant to help panda conservation in China.

Decades of conservation efforts in the wild and study in captivity saved the giant panda from extinction, increasing its population from fewer than 1,000 at one time to more than 1,800 today in the wild and captivity.

A long time of conservation efforts within the wild and examine in captivity saved the large panda from extinction, rising its inhabitants from fewer than 1,000 at one time to greater than 1,800 right now within the wild and captivity.
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The austere administration of Mexico President Andrés Manuel López Obrador seems unlikely to conform to this value. “Another arrangement will definitely have to be found, but it will depend a lot on the will and necessities of both countries,” mentioned Fernando Gual, director of Mexico Metropolis Zoos and Wildlife Conservation.

Xin Xin’s personal pursuits are extra right down to earth. She passes the time stress-free in a hammock and padding tranquilly round her enclosure in search of bamboo. Generally, her coach additionally hides her favourite deal with, crimson apples.

Watching Xin Xin, Gual smiled as he remembered the July 1, 1990 morning when her mom Tohui stunned everybody on the zoo by giving start to a four-ounce Xin Xin, removed from the digital camera that recorded her actions 24 hours a day.

“It’s impossible not to have an attachment to these animals,” Gual mentioned. “We saw most of them being born here.” Tohui was the second panda ever born exterior China, and the primary to outlive infancy, dwelling to age 12. Pop star Yuri launched a track expressing town’s satisfaction and pleasure.

The life expectancy of a large panda within the wild is about 15 years, however in captivity they’ve lived to be as outdated as 38. A long time of conservation efforts within the wild and examine in captivity saved the large panda from extinction, rising its inhabitants from fewer than 1,000 at one time to greater than 1,800 right now within the wild and captivity.

Mexico’s outstanding success makes it one among solely two zoos to run a panda program exterior the management of the Chinese language authorities, in response to the Congressional Analysis Service. The opposite is in Taiwan, which obtained two pandas in 2008 in alternate of a pair of endangered sika deer.

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Eight pandas have been born at in Mexico, of whom 5 survived to maturity. A long time of examine on the Chapultepec Zoo have yielded in depth data, in addition to genetic materials — cryogenically preserved semen and ovarian tissue — that scientists right here hope will permit them to proceed aiding within the pandas’ conservation even after Xin Xin is gone.

Carlos Cerda Dueñas, a researcher on the Monterrey Institute of Technology who has studied panda diplomacy, mentioned that Mexico’s strategic significance may encourage China to make a deal, however that López Obrador’s choice for austerity may make reaching an settlement “very difficult.”

China’s suspended new panda loans for a time in the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, however the authorities of President Xi Jinping lately revived it, sending a pair of pandas to World Cup host Qatar.

China is Mexico’s second most essential commerce accomplice, behind america, and China’s authorities has been working to develop its affect in Latin America. The potential of leaving the area with none pandas might be leverage for Mexico.

What is just not doubtful is the drawing energy of the pandas.

On the Chapultepec Zoo there’s a panda museum displaying images of the animals through the years, plaster casts of their footprints, bits of panda hair and dozens of kids’s drawings. Shuan Shuan’s final birthday piñata is there too.

However Xin Xin is the true attraction. She bought a birthday piñata, formed like a panda and filled with apples and carrots, on July 1.

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On a current day, Juan Vicente Araya of Costa Rica marveled at Xin Xin, alongside his household.

“When we decided to travel to Mexico, from the oldest to the youngest, everyone at home came with the dream of being able to see a panda,” Araya mentioned, as he patted the top of his younger son, who was taking part in with a stuffed panda his mother and father purchased him on the go to.

Araya, who works for a U.S. firm, mentioned the very first thing his group of household and buddies did after arriving in Mexico Metropolis from Costa Rica was to go to the zoo to see Xin Xin.

“In Latin America we don’t have a lot of opportunities to see a panda,” he mentioned. “The truth is it was worth it for us to come from Costa Rica. We’re very excited to meet her.”

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