Bear Grylls on his latest journey to Ukraine: Russia-Ukraine disaster is a reminder that warfare isn’t the reply

Just lately, survival professional Bear Grylls went to Ukraine amid the continuing disaster with Russia to satisfy President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, and admits it was heartbreaking to witness the “loss and hardship” that the nation continues to undergo. Now, he hopes that the world stands as much as the “bully” to assist peace prevail.

Bear Grylls documented his expertise in Ukraine by means of net present, Warfare Zone: Bear Grylls Meets President Zelenskyy

“It has been one of the most important journeys that I have done in my life. There was a risk involved as we were going into a war zone. But I really wanted to do it because I wanted people around the world to hear some of the real stories, not just the political angle, or at the macro level. But look at the micro level, what are people going through. What is the leader, who has become such an inspiration and a figure for resilience and courage, doing for the country? What is he like? Everyone I spoke to in Ukraine about the President, they mentioned that it doesn’t matter what they thought of him before. It’s about being united behind him today,” he says.

In actual fact, he documented his expertise of going to the warfare zone, assembly the folks of the nation and the current in his present, Warfare Zone: Bear Grylls Meets President Zelenskyy.

Wanting again on the expertise, the 48-year-old mentions, “It was the most challenging TV show that we have ever done. We have been to many difficult places in my life, many jungles, deserts, mountains, unforgiving places, but never an active war zone. We flew to Poland, and then we drove to the border. That’s when everything got serious with lights off, everyone dressed in green, no aeroplanes in the sky… We went into the war zone to meet the incredible Ukrainians who have gone through so much hardship and suffering and heard their stories, and visited some of the places that have been worst affected. We had missile threats every day. The mission was to go and spend time with the President… Getting to know the man was a real privilege.”

The professional, who has gone on a number of adventures with world Indian icons, from Prime Minister Narendra Modi to actor Ranveer Singh, feels folks ought to keep in mind that warfare isn’t a solution.

“What struck me is that 99% of people all around the world are just good people wanting to raise their families, follow their dreams. It’s just a few bad people persuading and lying to people and invading sovereign countries, committing atrocities and being a bully. At some point, one has to stand up against the bully, and say, ‘You can’t do that’. Nobody in the world wanted this. It has created so much pain, loss and hardship. We all pray that the world stands up to a bully, and say you can’t do that, and peace and goodness will prevail,” he says.

Speaking about his reminiscences, Grylls mentions, “It is a country of human beings through incredible hardships, threats, showing extraordinary courage and resilience”.

“There is one man fighting for his home. We have seen NATO reinvigorated to protect sovereignty. Let’s hope it’s a reminder to all the world that war is never the answer, invading other countries is never worth it. Love ultimately always wins. We might lose some battles, but the wars on a bigger scale. Let’s hope that happens here,” he ends.

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