Bigg Boss OTT 2: Salman Khan catches Cyrus Broacha sleeping throughout Weekend Ka Vaar. Watch

Ever since he joined the Bigg Boss OTT 2 home, Cyrus Broacha is thought for his love for napping. On Sunday’s episode of Weekend Ka Vaar, he can be caught dozing off by host Salman Khan himself. Whereas Cyrus tried his greatest to show that he was certainly not sleeping, Salman caught his lie simply.

Salman Khan discovered sleeping Cyrus Broacha fairly amusing.

In a brand new promo shared by Voot, Salman was chatting with contestant
Jiya Shankar when he caught Cyrus napping in between everybody. He was awaken with a jerk from Bebika. She tells him ‘don’t sleep’ and he says, “I am not sleeping.” Everybody breaks into laughter at him being pulled up.

Salman asks, “What were the last two things I said?” Cyrus says, “Sir, main samjhi nahi–that’s what she said.” “Yeah, that time you woke up,” Salman replies as Cyrus laughs.

Cyrus Broacha is thought for his fashionable early 2000s present MTV Bakra. Within the Bigg Boss home, he has struck a friendship with Pooja Bhatt. He has been fairly inactive inside the home, often limiting himself to peacemaker roles.

Talking with News18 in a latest interview, Cyrus Broacha stated about becoming a member of the present, “I owe cash to the corporate I believe. And that is one strategy to work out some sort of association between us. And so some highly effective determine picked up the cellphone and stated, ‘Boss, ye karega thodi si setting humare side? And we’ll work out all this for you. However it’s important to go inside the home (Will you do one thing for our aspect?)’ Additionally, it’s nearer to my actual home now than what it was within the final location in order that additionally helps.”

He also added, “My diet is a little worrisome for me and the air conditioner has to be at 16°C. I told them I can’t survive this heat. Also, to wash my clothes will be painful so I might as well be wearing the same clothes but it can be a deal-breaker for others. Also, there is nothing to do. So I need to find one person to talk to. Although, I do talk a lot with myself as you can tell from this answer. I do manage a little bit on my own but I do need a partner from time to time.”

Others inside the home this 12 months embody Manisha Rani, Jad Hadid, Avinash Sachdeva, Jiya Shankar, Akanksha Puri, Aaliyah Siddiqui, Abhishek Malhan Falak Naaz and Bebika.

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