British pop icon Anne-Marie: Remedy has helped me address my nervousness in a giant approach

British pop star Anne Marie is blissful together with her determination to go for remedy to beat her nervousness, and admits that it has liberated her, which displays in her music as nicely.

Anne-Marie made her India debut together with her gig at Vh1 Supersonic held in Pune not too long ago

“I have grown as an artist and a human in the same way, it’s the same journey and what I learn as a human affects the music and vice versa. Starting therapy in lockdown was a big moment for me, it helped me to understand and cope with my anxiety which was a huge change and really liberating,” Marie tells us.

The 31-year-old singer explains, “The best music comes when you’re in a place of freedom and not caring what other people think. You’ve just got to tune in, express yourself honestly and make what you think is the coolest, best version of what you can make.”

In truth, being a musician is a demanding job, from being within the recording studio to creating music to being on the highway for excursions. Whereas she has grown comfy, she admits that remedy helped her overcome the tour nervousness as nicely.

“It’s something I’ve grown into. I feel much more comfortable now then I ever have done, but it’s something that requires constant work to make sure I’m looking after myself. I started therapy in 2020, in lockdown, which was a huge changing point – and what I named my last album because of its impact,” says Marie, who catapulted to fame in 2018 because the vocalist on Clear Bandit’s Rockabye, and shortly began treading the highway as a solo artist. She is thought for hits reminiscent of Buddies and Don’t Play.

For her, music is a type of escapism, as she admits, “Music is so powerful, it’s escapism, it’s relatability, it’s community, it’s understanding, it’s a bridge to different experiences and cultures. The beauty is it can be whatever you want it to be.”

Wrapping up, she says musicians must look out for his or her well being within the powerful world of sounds and rhythms. “There’s a lot that’s expected of artists these days too, so it’s important to make sure you take time for yourself and are looking after your mental, emotional and physical well-being. It’s all interconnected,” she ends.

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