BYJU’s launches self-evaluation device for NEET aspirants – Instances of India

Aakash BYJU’ has launched the ‘KNOW YOUR NCERT (KYN) kit for NEET aspirants. The toolkit will offer curated modules in Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology to students of Classes XI to XII, aiming to offer a complete learning experience.
The KYN kit has been developed for frequent revisions of NCERT content and practice questions as well as their interpretation in mind. The questions have been framed on both concepts and facts that have been repeatedly asked in previous years’ query papers. KYN goals to help college students in comprehending a variety of questions that could be requested in NEET and acquire the power to reply such questions with pace and accuracy. It additionally permits college students to self-evaluate their degree of preparation with NCERT and helps them in figuring out areas for enchancment. This toolkit is a sport changer for NEET aspirants because it gives a plethora of questions of assorted varieties after each chapter as per NEET sample. This can improve college students’ proficiency ranges with deeper evaluation. Integration of KYN together with NCERT Maps ensures fast and repeated revisions and recall of subjects.
Commenting on the programme, Abhishek Maheshwari, Chief Government Officer, Aakash BYJU’S stated, “Our academic pedagogy and study material have been creating doctors and engineers for many years and the legacy is continuing with constant innovation and creativity in our well researched and most relevant study material with advancements in academic delivery methodology.”
He added “NCERT is the first step towards success in NEET. We are always innovating, researching and developing study materials using advanced academic delivery methodology. Know Your NCERT will provide an in-depth understanding of the NCERT books, giving aspirants a competitive advantage over their peers and helping them in scoring higher in NEET. Our program is aimed at engaging and nurturing learners and we continuously enrich the academic pedagogy and study materials.”

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