Cerebras unveils AI supercomputer containing 16 dinner-plate-size chip

Cerebras Methods, the Silicon valley startup recognised for its dinner plate-sized chip made for synthetic intelligence work, on Monday revealed its AI supercomputer known as Andromeda. The 13.5 million core AI supercomputer is now accessible for industrial and tutorial work, the corporate knowledgeable.

Andromeda is made by linking up 16 Cerebras CS-2 techniques. The corporate claims that Andromeda options extra cores than 1,953 Nvidia A100 GPUs and 1.6 occasions as many cores as the biggest supercomputer on the earth, Frontier, which has 8.7 million cores.

“Andromeda can be used simultaneously by multiple users. Users can easily specify how many of Andromeda’s CS-2s they want to use within seconds. It can be used as a 16 CS-2 supercomputer cluster for a single user working on a single job, or 16 individual CS-2 systems for sixteen distinct users with 16 distinct jobs, or any combination in between,” Cerebras stated.

Andromeda can carry out 1 exaflop price of AI computing – or at the least one quintillion (10 to the ability of 18) operations per second – primarily based on a precision of 16 bit floating-point format.

In line with Reuters, the quickest U.S. supercomputer that may do nuclear weapons simulations – the Frontier at Oak Ridge Nationwide Laboratory breached the 1 exaflop efficiency primarily based on 64-bit double precision format this yr.

“They’re a bigger machine. We’re not beating them. They cost $600 million to build. This is less than $35 million,” stated Andrew Feldman, founder and CEO of Cerebras instructed Reuters when requested in regards to the Frontier supercomputer.

He added whereas sophisticated nuclear simulations and climate simulations traditionally ran in 64-bit double precision computer systems, this can be a computationally costly format, so researchers are contemplating into whether or not AI algorithms can in the end match such outcomes.

Andromeda is deployed in a number one excessive efficiency information centre in Santa Clara, California, in 16 racks at Colovore. Corporations and researchers can entry it remotely.

Cerebras states that the system is designed for accelerating AI and altering the way forward for AI work perpetually, enabling prospects to hurry up their deep studying work by orders of magnitude.

(Inputs from Reuters)

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