Charu Asopa on TV’s tough work tradition: Individuals these days have turn out to be emotionally and mentally weaker

Among the many actors who’ve shared about their experiences of working time beyond regulation whereas capturing for every day soaps, the newest one is Charu Asopa. Narrating her story, she recounts, “When I joined the industry 10 years back, I was 24. And back then, I was shooting for the show Mahadev. I remember how our schedule would sometimes go on for two days straight, without any break. There were days when I would be so exhausted that it would lead to a meltdown. I would even sleep on the set when extremely tired. Kyuki agar humaara ek bhi scene hota tha, aur wo bhi agar raat ko shoot karna hai, tab bhi hume subh 8 baje se set par bulaa liya jaata tha.”

Charu Asopa xtalks concerning the stress of working in a every day cleaning soap

Nevertheless now, Asopa factors out that issues have modified now. “You aren’t called until and unless everything for your shot is set up. Things have become much sorted now.”

And that makes her marvel if folks these days have turn out to be “emotionally and mentally weaker”. She elaborates, “I have not seen actors today shooting for two or three days straight. Ab toh zyada se zyada ek ya do hours hi extend karte hain. But now when I look back, I think I never heard of any such incidents where people committed suicide because of work pressure. Then what stress are these 20-21 year old dealing with that they end up taking their own lives because of the pressure. This is very heart breaking and shocking.”

To these complaining concerning the working past the mounted hours, Asopa says, “Koi bhi majboori mein kaam nahi karrha hai. They are working because they want to do it. During the initial phase of my career, if I would sit at home even for a day, it would irk me. Thoughts like I have to pay my rent, I have to meet my expenses would not let me relax. I had to work.”

“And agar extra kaam horha hai, so it’s good for me. Because I have come to Mumbai to work and not to have fun,” she ends.

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