Child Sriram’s live performance for Arunachala Ramana Sangeetha Sabha was steeped in custom

Child Sriram with Kumbakonam Swaminathan on the mridangam, Trichy Murali (ghatam) and M.R. Gopinath (violin).
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Conforming to the classical custom, Child Sriram supplied an aural deal with at her current live performance for Arunachala Ramana Sangeetha Sabha at Arkay Conference Centre. Her honest strategy, readability of sahitya and bhava-rich renditions added to the live performance’s attraction.

Educated beneath eminent gurus corresponding to T.M. Thyagarajan and P.S. Narayanaswamy, Child Sriram has added all kinds of compositions to her repertoire and she or he is comfy throughout raga portrayals.

At this live performance, she introduced an exhaustive Charukesi alapana specializing in its distinct swaras, and the gamakas.

Fulfilling tani

Veteran violinist M.R. Gopinath’s virtuosity was evident in his restrained responses. Swati Tirunal’s traditional, ‘Kripaya palaya shoure’ was the chosen kriti. Child Sriram’s niraval and swaraprastara at ‘Narada mukha muni’ bore the stamp of her guru TMT’s vigorous sequences and immaculate kalapramanam. Within the tani, Kumbakonam Swaminathan (mridangam) and Trichy Murali (ghatam) supplied a number of tisra nadai strokes. The rhythmic exchanges between them had been enriching.

After the Ranjani raga alapana, Child Sriram rendered Tyagaraja’s ‘Durmargachara’ (Rupakam). The kalpanaswaras on the pallavi afforded her the chance to display her artistic artistry. One other Tygaraja kriti that she rendered was the brief and crisp ‘Nenarunchira’ in raga Simhavahini. It got here with a refreshing swaraprastara.

Child Sriram’s conventional moorings surfaced in her Nayaki raga alapana, which was adopted by the Dikshitar kriti ‘Ranganayakam bhavaye’. She rendered two compositions by Puducode Krishnamurthy (1923-1985), a direct disciple of Palghat Rama Bhagavatar. One was ‘Bhaja Manasa Meenakshi’ (Rupakam) in Bowli with kalpanaswaras, and the opposite was ‘Adimalar Inai’ in raga Andolika.

Child Sriram commenced her recital with the Vasantha varnam, ‘Ninnukori’, by Tacchur Singarachari, which featured transient kalpanaswaras. A virutham in Hamsanandi, Anandabhairavi and Behag, previous Guru Surajananda’s ‘Muruganin marupeyar azhagu’ (Behag-Khanda Chapu) was inspiring. The senior vocalist wound up her night live performance with Nilakanta Sivan’s ‘Theruvathu Eppo’ (Khamas).

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