Day by day Quiz | On physics

Day by day Quiz | On physics

Dr. C. M. Gullio Lattes (left), a Brazilian scientist, and Dr. Eugene Gardner modify the goal in preparation for bombardment within the College of California cyclotron. Lattes revealed that he succeeded in artificially producing sub-atomic mesons, the infinitesimal particles considered the “cement” which binds collectively the particles of the atomic nucleus. Dr. Ernest O. Lawrence,
inventor of the cyclotron and key determine Within the invention of the atomic bomb, hailed the achievement as a “momentous” milestone in science that “opens up unprecedented opportunities for understanding mysterious sub-nuclear processes.” Picture for representational functions solely.


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Knabenphysik is German for “____ _______”. The physics of this era was known as this as a result of it was dominated by younger male physicists. Fill within the blanks.

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