Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya: Bike using is liberating and meditative

Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya just lately purchased a brand new bike and shared a video of her using it on Instagram. She posted, “I’ve been beaming with happiness last few days and the reason is this new baby I gifted myself! There’s nothing as thrilling as dreaming big and achieving it too. #MyNewBike #BikerGirl.”

Divyanka and husband actor Vivek Dahiya

Speaking to us, the actor opens up about her “adventures” and says, “I used to ride a simple two wheeler in college but motorbike riding is a completely new passion I’ve acquired. Its stimulating, liberating and almost meditative for me. I am seeing the world more closely and experiencing nature vividly now.”

Divyanka admits that she missed being open air since the previous few years however has “always been an adventurous person”. She elaborates, “There have been moments when I have heard stories of bike tours and I’ve expressed about how much I want to learn but I was basically only procrastinating from achieving my dream.”

Whereas she had a dream to get a motorbike, it was her husband actor Vivek Dahiya who fulfilled it. She reveals, “One fine day I woke up to say I’ve only one life, found someone to teach me and in no time became a rider. To my surprise, Vivek proposed that I must buy one immediately and we’ll be riding partners. This proposal of his was as sweet as his marriage proposal. Women on bikes inspire me and make me feel proud of my tribe.”

Typically bike-riding is taken into account a person’s sport and Divyanka attributes it to “society’s perception”. “People feel girls may be too delicate to handle it and that maybe because of lack of representation. Such thoughts shape the way children and teenagers see the world. Women who are a minority in the field yet, should be shown more often using motorcycles in advertisements, also more content can be created around it to break mental barriers, if any,” she ends.

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