Glad Mattu Pongal 2023: Know date, significance, significance and story of Cow competition

Tamil Nadu: Pongal is a four-day competition that’s noticed in Tamil Nadu. Bhogi is the primary day, then Thai Pongal, Mattu Pongal, and Kaanum Pongal. The competition of Mattu Pongal is noticed on January 16, 2023. On Mattu Pongal, cows and bulls are worshipped as a result of they’re necessary in agriculture and since Mattu means “bull” in Tamil. The Tamil phrases “Pongal” and “Mattu” actually imply “bull” and “boiling over,” respectively, that are metaphors for achievement and abundance. The day following Surya Pongal, the first day of Pongal, when Surya Dev (the Solar) is revered, is when the Mattu Pongal celebration, also referred to as Cow Pongal, is held. The primary day of the Tamil month Thai additionally marks the Tamil New Yr. Bulls and cows are embellished, worshipped, ceremoniously fed “Sakkarai Pongal,” and acknowledged for his or her help within the crop-production course of on Mattu Pongal.

Mattu Pongal 2023: Date

This 12 months Mattu Pongal is being celebrated on 16 January (At this time)

Mattu Pongal Significance

The Mattu Pongal competition is a time of pleasure and celebration, and other people greet each other with greetings for the competition. Farmers and villagers give their bulls and cows baths after which beautify them by colouring or including metallic tricks to their horns. The cattle are ornamented with colored bead necklaces, flower garlands, and bells which are strung on their necks. Villagers beautify their houses and the neighborhood’s streets with vibrant Kolam (Rangoli) work of bulls, cows, and different Mattu Pongal patterns so as to add to the celebration. Mattu Pongal is just not solely a day to honour livestock, nevertheless it additionally holds particular that means for siblings. Sisters feed crows as a sort of prayer for the security of their brothers. Pongal (each Ven Pongal and Chakkarai Pongal) and cooked rice mixed with turmeric and kumkum are made into little balls. These rice balls are then served to the crows whereas being maintained on turmeric leaves.

Mattu Pongal: Historical past

A captivating story is expounded to Mattu Pongal. Lord Shiva as soon as dispatched his vahana (mountain), Nandi, to the bottom to ship a vital message. Nandi was instructed by Lord Shiva to tell everybody on Earth to take an oil bathtub every single day and eat solely as soon as each month. However Nandi took the alternative motion. Nandi continued by advising folks to eat every single day and take oil baths each month. Nandi’s error infuriated Lord Shiva, who commanded him to stick with the folks and help them in rising the meals they would want to outlive each day.

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