Google: Madhav Chinnappa of Indian origin was fired by Google, wrote an emotional post on LinkedIn

Madhav Chinnappa
Photo: ANI


The world’s largest tech company Google has removed Madhav Chinnappa, director of its News Ecosystem Development. Indian origin Madhav Chinnappa was associated with Google for 13 years. On social media, he said that I am proud of what I have been able to achieve from Google in these 13 years.

former director is on gardening leave

According to media reports, Google has recently sacked its Director of News Ecosystem Development, Madhav Chinnappa. Madhav confirms this. Chinnappa said on LinkedIn that I am leaving Google under Google layoff. I am currently on ‘Gardening Leave’. During this time I will get more time to reflect on my work, career, life etc. Chinnappa recounts his 13 years at Google. He also recalled the various work he has done at Google, including the Digital News Initiative and the Journalism Emergency Relief Fund. Chinnappa concluded by saying that I am proud of what I have been able to achieve with Google in these 13 years. Explain, ‘Gardening Leave’ is the time when employees are refused to come to work but they are paid in full. So that they can be ready to move towards their next step.

spend time with mom

Chinnappa said that he has time before moving on to the next journey. He will take leave in August. Whereas, in September he will go to India, where he will spend a whole month with his mother. After this, we will start thinking to work again from October.

29 years of experience

According to social media, Chinnappa holds a BA in Economics and Policy Studies from Rice University. Apart from this, he received his schooling from Jakarta International School. Prior to Google, Chinnappa worked with BBC, UBM, APTN. Chinnappa has total experience of 29 years.

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