J-Hope tells BTS ARMY ‘do not be upset’ as he holds final stay session days forward of navy service, followers get emotional

BTS member J-Hope on Friday held his final stay session on Weverse days forward of his navy service. The rapper is reportedly leaving for the navy camp on April 17 and can return on October 17, 2024. Wearing a black outfit and spectacles, J-Hope interacted with the followers and left them emotional. (Additionally Learn | BTS’ J-Hope tells followers ‘don’t fear a lot’ as he’ll enlist as active-duty soldier in navy)

BTS’ J-Hope shared a number of messages for followers.

J-Hope recalled his current dialog with BTS’ eldest member Jin, who’s presently serving within the South Korean military. He stated, “Recently Jin hyung called me, he was like, ‘How are you feeling?’. So I was like, ‘What do you think I feel like, what does it seem like I feel?’ I also wondered what I should pack and take with me so I asked him about stuff like this. What kind of bag should I take, etc.”

The BTS Rapper informed followers, “Please don’t be too upset, since I’m doing my duty as the healthy youth. So what I wanted to tell is to you guys to not worry and I’ll go and come back well. ‘Please eat well’. Yes of course, as I told you guys, don’t worry, I’ve been eating really well.” J-Hope learn a remark, “October 17, 2024—Hobi’s discharge date, I’ll be waiting for this day only.” The BTS rapper smiled and stated, “October 17, right. I’ll be back safely.”

As he was sporting spectacles, J-Hope stated, “So I didn’t wear the glasses because of the eye power. It’s just that with my hair short, my face felt so empty like there was something missing. Originally my back hair and stuff should be there but since it felt empty, I wore the glasses.” J-Hope learn one other remark, “It’s okay if you can’t speak English, instead we’ll learn Korean.” He responded, “No it’s okay, I’ll learn English too. But I don’t know if I will be able to learn it (while in the military).”

Speaking concerning the BTS members, J-Hope stated, “Even though many years have passed, my love for the members, just like you guys, I treasure them fiercely. They are my bros whom I love so much, even if we compare and stack (my love and your love for the boys) against each other, I might not lose. I can’t say I’ll win but I won’t lose easily.”

Talking about becoming a member of the navy, J-Hope stated, “To be honest, I am kind of looking forward to it. What I will look like when I come back. I’ll go guys. I’ll try to come visit you once in a while like Jin hyung.” Earlier than signing off, J-Hope stated, “Have a good night, sweet dreams. Don’t forget about me. Love you. Please stay healthy and make sure to cheer for our members. I’ll go now, guys. I don’t wanna press the ‘end’ button.”

J-Hope’s stay session left followers emotional. An individual tweeted, “I’m not your strongest soldier.” “I don’t know why, I am not okay right now.” “Our sunshine. We will wait for you. Love you Hobi,” learn a tweet. “Sorrow, pain, pain this time only this is happening in the heart,” wrote a fan on Twitter. “My hobi is so precious. The way he still smiles and laughs in front of us,” stated one other fan.

The seven-member group, Jin, RM, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook, has pursued solo initiatives since saying a break from group musical actions in June final 12 months.

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