MM Keeravani: My latest accomplishments don’t go away me shouting out loud and attending champagne events


MM Keeravani has had an eventful begin of 2023, beginning the yr by creating Golden Globe historical past for India by profitable an award for his hit, Naatu Naatu, and getting Padma Shri honour. And the music maestro feels it’s the starting of a brand new chapter for Indian music on a worldwide degree.

“The feeling is good. But it doesn’t leave me in a state where I am shouting out loud and celebrating by calling friends and attending champagne parties. I don’t do that. In my 34-year-long career, I have seen many ups and downs,” Keeravani says.

The 61-year-old musician continues, “My project, Baahubali, earned over 2000 crore, breaking all the records. At that time also, I did not celebrate anything. That is because if I celebrate my success, it may leave me in a good mood at that moment. But later when you come across a failure, it will get me depressed too. So, I don’t celebrate my success nor get into any depression when I face failure. I’m happy with whatever is happening. It’s a good feeling, but that’s it. At the most, I will go to the bakery and buy some croissants”.

Through the years, Keeravani has composed hits in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi, whereas drawing inspiration from folks music in addition to classical ragas. He’s the person behind hits equivalent to Jaadu Hai Nasha Hai (Jism; 2003) and Aa Bhi Jaa (Sur; 2002). Now, his observe Naatu Naatu from RRR is taking him locations. He gained Golden Globe for Greatest Unique, and has been nominated for an Oscar in Greatest Unique Track class.

Speaking about what the Oscar nod means for him, the son of lyricist and screenwriter Ok Siva Shakthi Datta says, “People will get to know about Indian culture and music, which may open doors wider than ever for the world to embrace Indian music, culture and literature. It is a very good change. We are no less than any other culture in the world”.

“We have got Hindustani music, which has got 10 to 12 thoughts. And we have Carnatic music which has 72 main ragas from which derive thousands of raga subsets. So, this rich Indian classical music can be explored further by the enthusiasts and aspirants from the West, which is very good. It’s an ocean of music. The more you explore, the more you are enriched. Naatu Naatu is just the beginning. We have more miles to go. It’s a very big journey,” provides the composer, has mastered the artwork of mixing old-school melody with classical influences with western preparations.

Now, he desires to make use of the Padma Shri fame for one thing good as he says, “Padma Shri is a certificate given by the government”.

“There are many stalwarts and seniors who deserve this as they have such knowledge and wisdom in terms of music, but randomly we get recognised by the government. Padma Shri is a good thing, but a random thing. There are no hard and fast rules, or set rules and regulations as to who gets it. But I want to take this opportunity, as now my words are in little more focus, to highlight unsung heroes, and my gurus. And that is how I’m going to use this newly acquired Padma Shri fame,” says the composer, who’s now excited to attend the Oscar ceremony.


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