Nawazuddin Siddiqui flying to Dubai to safe his youngsters and estranged wife- Unique | Hindi Film Information – Instances of India

It is by no means too simple to settle a marital discord. And whereas, Nawazuddin Siddiqui has in some way efficiently dodged questions on his stand on the mess in his marriage with Aaliya and spoken naked minimal, throughout the promotions of his movie Afwaah, ETimes has it that he’s anticipated to be in Dubai in a day or two, the place Aaliya and their kids have been put up.
Aaliya confirms that Nawaz is coming to fulfill them however the go to has one other function as effectively. She reveals, “I want him to have the Dubai house agreement changed in his name. He is going to be the provider and if anything goes wrong here for us, it will give us more security if he holds the reins.”
Aaliya provides that she has filed for divorce however Nawaz is but to signal on the dotted line. “My daughter likes it in Dubai but I personally prefer India. But it’s okay. I will shuttle between India amd Dubai depending on my work.
As for the money part, Nawaz has been now paying up as per the Court orders. I think we should settle the Agreement thing in this visit. There are a few important matters though, which we shall also discuss in this visit of his.”

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