Prateek Kuhad on creating much less movie music: Individuals count on me to make sure sort of music, however I’m making an attempt to flee all kinds of containers

Singer Prateek Kuhad has discovered a foothold within the music business for a specific fashion of music, however he doesn’t need any label or a field to outline him. He says he’s making an effort to keep away from being caught to any specific containers.

Lately, Prateek Kuhad carried out at music pageant, Vh1 Supersonic 2023 in Pune

“I know that there is a certain type of music that people expect from me. But I actually try to avoid it a little bit, and just be in that moment while creating music. I feel there is a certain box that I have been put in, and I feel that a part of me is trying to escape that box,” says Kuhad, who has made a reputation for himself in unbiased music, happening to earn credit score for introducing a brand new type of Indian music to the world with songs similar to Tum Jab Paas.

The 33-year-old provides is conscious that it might not sound “cool”, and therefore, he causes, “It is a weird balance that I am trying to haven, where I want to grow organically as a musician (and not be in a box), but at the same time, I am not trying to just get out of this box because there are certain things that I am really good at. That’s because I have done them for so long, and got the hang of a certain kind of style and stuff. I honestly don’t understand it myself.”

Requested what’s the field that he’s making an attempt to flee in the meanwhile and the singer quips saying it’s exhausting to say as a result of there are such a lot of of them.

“There is nothing in particular. These are some thoughts which play in mind. While I strongly feel about it, I try not to think too much about it while creating music,” says Kuhad, who made his debut along with his EP Tokens and Charms in 2015, and adopted it with songs similar to Kasoor, Tune Kaha, and Tere Hello Hum.

His songs have additionally made a means into Bollywood, similar to Saansein, Kadam and Kho Gaye Hum Kahan.

Opening up about his current influences, the singer says, “I don’t try to seek inspiration so much. There is a thin line between seeking inspiration and seeing inspiration in everything. You have to let it come to you. You can’t chase inspiration. I don’t think anybody should. I don’t. I live my life and try to grow as a person. That’s my focus. I love writing music and doing all that stuff. But ultimately, my goal in life is to really just grow as a human being. So I try to focus on doing things that helped me grow as a person. And in the process, get inspiration.”

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