Richa Rathore: It’s tv that has made me a recognised face

Naagin actor Richa Rathore asserts that one has to undergo their share of ups and downs earlier than they ultimately begin getting seen.

“With influx of talent in the industry, there are so many newbies waiting to get that one right project. In my case, I had a casting team visiting my engineering college. They auditioned me as well. I had forgotten about it all and one day I got a call to reach Mumbai as they wanted me to join Kumkum Bhagya. At that time, I was working for an MNC and it was a tough call to make but as luck would have I reached Mumbai,” says the Divya Drishthi (2019) and Aapki Nazaron Ne… (2021) actor.

Speaking about her preliminary days, Rathore provides, “It was not an easy decision to quit a well-paid job and take up a career about which I had no idea. After my first show, it was not like I was bombarded with work. I surely had my share of struggle and it was then that I got to learn so much about the industry. Also, I got an opportunity to work on my craft.”

Rathore feels TV has been essentially the most trusted medium for younger actors. “Many from our industry itself call TV the most regressive medium, that it needs to revamp and what not! Whether people tag it unprogressive or saturating, it is the best medium for aspiring actors and technicians who are trying to find a footing and earn a decent livelihood. In all these years, it’s television that has made me a recognised face. After over half a dozen shows, I know well that we only tell stories that the large section of viewers want to witness. We cater as per the demand else how come TV is still financially the most stable and successful medium.”

At present, Rathore is capturing for her new present. “I take up show and give it my all but once done I do take a break and rush to meet my parents in Shimla. So, I was on break that I got a call for Rabb Se Hai Dua and soon it will be on air. Also, I have an OTT project is in the pipeline,” she concludes.

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