Siblings Day 2023 | Surabhi and Samriddhi aka Chinki-Minki: We’ve got the dual telepathy, can learn every others ideas

When one of many twins fall sick, the opposite takes to the mattress too – appears like a scene from a Bollywood movie. However irrespective of how weird that sounds, it’s true and the residing examples are equivalent twins Samriddhi and Surabhi Mehra, popularly generally known as Chinki-Minki.

Surabhi and Samriddhi Mehra are equivalent twins.

“If one of us gets fever, the other person also gets down. We are affected by the same things at the same time. Also, we have that twin telepathy thing, where we can read each others thoughts. It’s twin magic. We exactly know what we are thinking at every moment of the day. Not just our thoughts, but our actions are also the same. Both of us wave at the same time, put down our hands at the same moment. This freaks out others at times, but for us, it’s very natural and normal,” share the Mehra sisters.

Regardless of being the precise copies of one another, there are some very minor character variations that only some shut ones find out about. Samriddhi tells us, “Surabhi is more anxious while I am the calmer one. Moreover, there is difference in the tone when we speak. But only a few friends and mom can spot that and tell who is who. For a new person, it’s next to impossible.”

And that’s why, there are occasions when the 2 efficiently befool individuals. “It’s only for having fun without hurting anyone,’ says Surabhi, who is a minute older than her sister, and goes on, “We did something on April 1. Samriddhi pretended to be me and called a friend (boy) of ours. She told him that ‘I (Surabhi) really like you’ and he just got baffled as he did not know what was happening. The next day he called me and I was like ‘what are you talking about’. It was fun.”

Whereas the 2 have immense love for one another, their hardly combat. And each time a disagreements occurs, the 2 have discovered a solution to discover a center floor. “We work together and hence our arguments are mostly about that or anything related to it. For example, sometimes Surabhi suggests a map to go about a certain job, and I opine differently. That leads to arguments and to sort out it out, we try and divide the day into two halves and for each half, one of us take the charge,” wraps up Samriddhi.

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