Singer Vilen: Movie music is a serious supply to achieve extra individuals however I gained’t drive myself into it

Vipul Dhanaker higher identified by his stage identify Vilen, is sort of well-liked for his music movies on YouTube. The singer and composer usually writes the lyrics for his songs. Nevertheless, he went via his personal battle to grasp numerous elements of creating and releasing a tune throughout his preliminary years.

Vilen launched his first unbiased tune Ek Raat in 2018

“The main struggle is that I’m too independent. I’ve done everything on my own, and never even shared my struggle with my family or friends. So, the struggle was that everything was hidden from everyone, while I was doing something that I had no idea about,” says Vilen, identified for songs Ek Raat (2018) and Chidiya (2019).

On the time when he was beginning out with Ek Raat, it was onerous as a result of he needed to perceive every little thing, how issues work, the best way to direct, write screenplay, do enhancing, compose music, write lyrics and so forth.

“So, the process of understanding these things was enough of a struggle for me because you can’t learn these aspects from anyone. These are creative things, so you have to understand them on your own. Therefore, it was a long struggle to understand everything properly and then construct them,” recounts the singer, whose newest launch Kyun Dhunde is a slice of life monitor.

“People tend to forget to value and cherish life and keep focusing on the obstacles. The song is to remind them to enjoy new experiences as there’s a whole world outside,” he explains.

Whereas he enjoys being an unbiased singer, one wonders if he has an inclination in the direction of movie music. To this, Vilen says, “I am interested in both individual songs and film music. I have an interest in making songs for films as well because it is a major source to reach more and more people. So of course, films are also there, but I don’t want to force myself into films. When the time will be right, and if someone feels I am the right man for the job, then I will do that. Otherwise, I am also happy with the independent songs that I am doing.”

The truth that when you turn into a well-liked identify within the music circuit, you might be at all times beneath the radar and no matter music you composer, it’s subjected to scrutiny. We ask Vilen in regards to the latest controversy when rapper Badshah’s tune Sanak bumped into bother for utilizing the phrase Bholenath in it.

Reacting to this, Vilen considers himself lucky that nothing of this kind has occurred to him. “That’s also because I try to be a little careful while constructing my songs. However, if something like this happens by mistake, I will make sure to change it because we are making songs for the audience. And if they are getting hurt, then there’s no point in creating anything,” he indicators off.

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