Subhash Ghai: ‘I will not remorse saying that Satish Kaushik was the Charlie Chaplin of India’ – Instances of India

Anupam Kher organised a particular occasion on Thursday night to have a good time Satish Kaushik’s delivery anniversary. A number of trade insiders who Satish had labored with, fondly spoke about him and paid tribute to his spirit and zest in direction of life.
Filmmaker Subhash Ghai had labored with him in ‘Ram Lakhan’. Talking about his expertise of getting Anil Kapoor, Kher and Kaushik on the set, Ghai mentioned he knew their friendship nicely. He shared, “When I made Ram Lakhan, I used to see these three friends. They used to be in one corner and chat. I went and asked them, ‘meri buraai nai karte na?’ Then they would say, we are discussing the next shot. It’s been 40 years since then and their friendship hasn’t changed. The industry has relationships which are success based but some friendships like these are very special.”

The filmmaker mentioned that whereas Satish put up a entrance which was humorous, deep inside he was critical and a few issues used to have an effect on him. He mentioned, “When a person goes, everyone speaks good about him and we remember a lot about him. But I must say this and I mean it that Satish was humorous but from inside, he was a deep, serious person. Like we hear that about Charlie Chaplin, that he made people laugh but from within he was sad or serious. Then I must say, and I won’t regret saying that Satish was the Charlie Chaplin of India.”
Kher shared that Satish had very excessive regards for Subhash Ghai and he used to emulate him loads.

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