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Suniel Shetty recalled the time when he joined the Hindi movie trade and the way he prevented ‘occasional temptation to succumb to the allures of a flashy way of life’.
In his lengthy publish on Linkedin, Suniel revealed that his middle-class values ensured that he checked out most cash choices from a long-term lens. His spouse Mana Shetty too had an analogous mindset.
“Today, I want to talk to you about my relationship with money. Growing up, my family had a very basic standard of living. We didn’t have a lot, just about enough. We definitely did not have the luxuries that we take for granted today.
However, my parents, through the way they lived and worked, taught my sisters & I the importance of saving and building for the future. I think frugality was our default setting, and has remained so.
Even after Dad started to do better in life, there were no major changes in our lifestyle. He had already gone beyond his means to give us the best education he could afford at the time, so the only real change was we moved homes,” he wrote.

He continued, “When I look back now, I realise how my parents were clear about their approach to money. They saw to it that whatever excess they had, went into uplifting their children’s lives through knowledge and experiences, growing the business and helping the community.

When I entered the entertainment industry and started earning a substantial income, I was wired to treat money in a similar way. There was the occasional temptation to succumb to the allures of a flashy lifestyle, but my middle class values ensured that I looked at most money decisions from a long term lens.
It helped immensely that Mana too had a similar mindset. And together, we were fairly disciplined with how we went about our spending and investments. We did indulge now and then on a few luxuries, but to date our wisest investments have been our homes and education for the kids.
Mana & I prioritise long-term stability over short-lived extravagance. Frugality continues to be my default setting, and that’s allowed us to create a pool of investments across a few different asset classes. Diversification is important, yet I know my boundaries. I do not pursue something I don’t fully understand.”
He additional added, “I’d ask all the youngsters, especially those in the early years of their careers, to approach money with a sense of purpose and responsibility. Enjoy the benefits of financial success, but do it with humility and awareness of the greater good it can achieve in the long run. Plan it like you’re running a marathon.
Understanding money, the power of compounding, taxes and how investments work is an absolute must. Educate yourself about all of this, or get advice from trusted professionals. But learn the art of making wise investments and financial planning.
Consistency is key – instead of chasing quick or easy gains, focus on building a strong and sustainable investment strategy that will serve you well into the future.
And to the extent possible, always give back to the community and those who helped you along the way. God bless!”

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