‘Taken out of context!’: Sam Altman on Tech Mahindra’s CEO accepting ‘dare’ to construct ChatGPT-like device

A day after Tech Mahindra CEO CP Gurnani accepted the ‘challenge’ of constructing a ChatGPT-like AI device, OpenAI founder and CEO Sam Altman clarified that his response to a query throughout a reside occasion was taken out of context, including that competing together with his agency with $10 million “is not going to work.”

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman. (REUTERS)

“This is really taken out of context! the question was about competing with us with $10 million, which i really do think is not going to work. but i still said try! however, i think it’s the wrong question(sic),” stated Altman in a tweet.

“The right question is what a startup can do that’s never been done before, that will contribute a new thing to the world. i have no doubt indian startups can and will do that! and no one but the builders can answer that question,” he added.

Altman’s clarification got here as on Thursday he stated that it’s ‘hopeless’ for India to attempt to construct a synthetic intelligence device just like ChatGPT. This was in reply to a query by Rajan Anandan, former Google India head, who had sought steering from Altman on how Indian startups may work in the direction of creating fashions alongside the strains of OpenAI.

“The way this works is we’re going to tell you, it’s totally hopeless to compete with us on training foundation models you shouldn’t try, and it’s your job to like try anyway. And I believe both of those things. I think it is pretty hopeless,” Altman had stated.

His reply had triggered Gurnani to just accept the problem, as he tweeted, “OpenAI founder Sam Altman said it’s pretty hopeless for Indian companies to try and compete with them. Dear @sama, From one CEO to another.. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.”

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