Tanishk Bagchi:Unique singers of Jehda Nasha thanked me for placing their music in Ayushmann’s movie

Tanishk Bagchi as effectively Tseries have been dealing with flack for ‘recreating’ and ‘ruining’ one other hit music Jehda Nasha, however the composer questions, “If recreations give exposure to independent artiste and put them into limelight, what’s the harm in doing it?”

He explains, “You don’t even know the name of Jedha Nasha’s original singers (Amar Jalal and IP Singh). You only know my name because I have recreated it. Log jaante hi nahi ki kisne gaaya hai wo gaana. However, this step of recreating the song and picturising it on Ayushmann Khurrana and Nora Fatehi will help the original singers in getting noticed. We are just becoming a window for these people to come out in the mainstream.”

Giving instance of one other music Manike, Bagchi says, “We did a recreation of Manike for Ajay Devgn’s film Thank God and it was a bigger hit than the original song. It also helped its artiste Yohani, who is an independent singer in getting her due. So, if a recreation is helping an artiste, why shouldn’t we do it. We are trying to make a common person popular, after all.”

So far as the choice of recreating the music is anxious, Bagchi says, it was not his name. “The filmmaker and the original singers collaboratively took a decision to work on this track and I was included much later, when they asked my help with the composition. And since it’s not my track, I have not made many changes in it. In fact, after reworking on the composition, I sent it to the original singers and they really loved it. They thanked me for putting their song in the film and said that ‘we want people to know that it’s our song’.

Bagchi, who has worked on several other recreations in the past does not see any harm in it because everyone gets the credit as well as the money. “In my songs I make it a point that the original singers get the credit and royalty. Like with Jehda Nasha, we ensured that the original singers get to sing it. Had we made another artiste from outside sing it, the criticism would have been valid,” he tells us.

Bagchi additionally talks about how criticism does probably not have an effect on him “as there is only a small section of people saying bad things, others love listening to recreations. That’s why music labels and filmmakers are working on it,” he shares, including, “And I have enough original songs to balance the ratio. Whether it’s my track from SRK’s upcoming film Jawaan or Shershaah’s Raataan Lambiyan, my original tracks are appreciated by the people and so it makes up for the criticism. And even the, if few people criticise your work, it’s alright. You know how it is when you put something out in the market. Not everyone’s going to love everything.”

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