What if ChatGPT pens US’s State of Union speech?

Should you’ve heard it as soon as in a president’s State of the Union speech, you’ve heard it 100 occasions: There’s nothing the American individuals can’t do once they pull collectively. ALSO READ: Even if you’re artistic, ChatGPT could change you, so… : IIT-D professor’s recommendation to remain related

However you haven’t heard that thought in a State of Union handle from William Shakespeare: “Lo,” stated the bard. “With kindness, love, and understanding clear, we shall conquer all, and have naught to fear.”

Nor from the noggin-knocking Three Stooges of final century’s fame: “We just put our heads together, come up with a plan, and bam! Problem solved!”

Let’s face it, State of the Union speeches are principally rote. Presidents roll out a listing of accomplishments, a number of anecdotes about friends in attendance, a sober evaluation of the issues of the day and a crescendo about glory occasions forward. ALSO READ: Loving ChatGPT? Examine these different 5 AI instruments

To shake up the method earlier than President Joe Biden’s speech to Congress on Tuesday evening, The Related Press instructed the substitute intelligence program ChatGPT to work up State of the Union speeches as they could have been written by a few of historical past’s biggest minds in addition to some stooges.

AP ordered 300-word variations, in distinction to Biden’s sprawling 6,400 phrases final yr, and tapped a number of individuals so iconic we all know them by just one title. The digital Greek thinker Aristotle gracefully quoted Socrates, Cleopatra the historic Egyptian ruler requested for the blessing of the gods, Madonna cited her perspective as a mom and a girl in leisure.

ChatGPT was additionally requested to channel singer Elvis Presley, civil rights chief Martin Luther King Jr., Indian independence chief Mahatma Gandhi, the ground-breaking NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson and baseball’s Yogi Berra, amongst others.

The app is a part of a brand new technology of AI programs that may converse in human-like style and generate textual content primarily based on what they’ve discovered from an enormous database. Some lecturers fear their college students will use it as an alternative of their brains for varsity papers.

ChatGPT rendered Shakespeare’s State of the Union speech in rhyme. The model channeling comic Jerry Seinfeld captured his signature phrasings.

For all of the app’s smarts, it wasn’t all-knowing. Within the speech channeling King, it had the civil rights chief quoting himself. It conveyed none of Abraham Lincoln’s eloquence. And it declined to take a run at drafting 2023 Biden’s speech, as an alternative serving up a rehash of his final one.

It additionally drew a clean when requested for a speech from George Santos, the New York Republican congressman who was caught fictionalizing his previous.

“George Santos is not a widely recognized public figure or historical figure,” the app responded. “There is no widely known information about a person by this name in the public domain.”

Excerpts of some of the speeches ChatGPT generated:

William Shakespeare

My Lords and Ladies, countrymen and women, Gather ye here today to hear what I say, In this great hall of ours, let us unite, And listen to the state of our fair state.

We stand today as one, in good health and grace, Prosperous and free, with a peaceful space, Our trade and commerce flourish, wealth abounds, With bountiful harvests, and peace surrounds.

But, lo, there are still challenges we face, For not all are equal in our fair place, We must work together to bridge the divide, And bring forth equality, from side to side.

Let us not forget, our soldiers bold and brave, Who fought for freedom, and our country gave, Their lives and limbs, for our safety and peace, We must repay them with honors and release.

And so I say, let us work hand in hand, To build a brighter future, in this fair land, With kindness, love, and understanding clear, We shall conquer all, and have naught to fear.

And now, my friends, I bid thee all farewell, And trust that thou wilt work, with heart and will, For the good of all, and the betterment of man, Together we shall build, a stronger, better land.

Martin Luther King Jr.

My fellow Americans,

We gather here today, at a momentous time in our nation’s history, to address the state of our union. And as we do so, I am reminded of the words of the great prophet Amos, who declared, “Let justice roll down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream.”

For too lengthy, justice has been denied to too many in our society. For too lengthy, righteousness has been an elusive dream. And it’s time for us to awaken from this slumber and work collectively to construct a extra good union.

We can’t be glad till each American, no matter race, faith, or background, has an equal alternative to realize the American dream. … However allow us to not grow to be discouraged, for we now have made progress. We’ve seen a civil rights motion that led to change, and we are going to proceed to see change in our time. For as Dr. King stated, “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”

So allow us to bend that arc, collectively. Allow us to roll down justice and righteousness like waters. Allow us to create a society the place each individual is valued and revered, the place each individual has an equal likelihood to succeed.

Jerry Seinfeld

I’ve been fascinated about this rather a lot currently, and I’ve realized that the state of our union is sort of a sandwich …

We’ve received the highest bun, which is all the great things. We’ve received the financial system, which is wanting fairly tasty. We’ve received low unemployment, and companies are thriving. … I need to concentrate on the underside bun. I need to concentrate on the inspiration. I need to discuss in regards to the issues that we don’t all the time see or speak about, however which can be so vital. I need to speak about schooling, and healthcare, and infrastructure. I need to discuss in regards to the issues that make our nation sturdy. …

Let’s be sure that our nation is a scrumptious sandwich that we will all be happy with.

Elvis Presley

It’s nice to be right here at the moment, speaking to you all in regards to the state of our union. Now, let me let you know, we’ve been rockin’ and rollin’ over the previous yr, and I’ve received some excellent news to share with you all. We’re making progress, buddies.

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