Zero Shadow Day in Bengaluru on April 25

Zero Shadow Day happens when the Solar is straight overhead, and therefore any vertical object will solid no shadow.
| Photograph Credit score: the hindu

It’s Zero Shadow Day in Bengaluru on April 25. At 12.17 p.m., the Solar will probably be straight overhead and therefore any vertical object will solid no shadow.

“This happens for places between the Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn and is on April 25 and 18 August for Bengaluru,” mentioned the Indian Institute of Astrophysics.

“To celebrate this, we are organising a public talk followed by hands-on activities to demonstrate Zero Shadow Day at our campus. The latter will involve observing the effect of the changing shadow length of objects as well as measuring the length of the shadow by the visiting public. We will also be coordinating with a school at a different location to collaboratively measure the Earth’s diameter. The moment of zero shadows when the Sun is directly overhead in Bengaluru, i.e., local noon, is at 12:17 afternoon,” it added.

As per the Astronomical Society of India, this annual celestial phenomenon happens twice a yr for locations between +23.5 and -23.5 levels latitude. The Solar is nearly by no means precisely overhead at midday however normally transits a bit decrease in altitude, a bit to the north or a bit to the south.

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